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 Valentine's Dress Swap

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 6th Annual Cloth Hitty Swap
Anything Goes!

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1st Ever Howl-O-Ween FQ swap

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Hitty's Art Swap!

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Pass the Peanuts, Please Swap

2nd Bathing Suit & Beach Fun Swap

Our 2nd Charm Strip Swap
............ (and our 9th quilt swap!)

An Old-fashioned Girl Dress Parade Swap

1st Ever Yard Sale Swap

Spring Garden Swap

New Summer Rules--Playclothes Swap

5th Pet Swap

9th Apron Swap

Our 1st Book Swap

#2--Continue the Collection Swap

3rd Travel Bag Swap

Our 4th Bitty Swap

Our 3rd Pajamas for Hitty Swap

Our 1st Springy Easter Skirt Swap

Our 7th Hat, Scarf and Mitten Swap

Round Robin Dress

Go CRAZY for the 8th Quilt Swap!

6th Annual Doll for Hitty Swap

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Advanced Swap

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Charm Quilt Charmer!


Peanuts for Christmas Swap

5th Annual Christmas Stocking Swap

5th Annual Card and Ornament Swap

5th Annual Cornhusk/Raffia Doll Swap

7th Annual Quilt Swap--Christmas!

7th Annual Hitty's Birthday Swap-party!

Holiday PunchNeedle Rug Swap

1st Ever Halloween Stocking Swap

Back To School Swap

Have a Seat! Chair Swap

4th of July Regular Dress Swap

4th of July Dress
Advanced Swap

The Racketty-Packetty House
Clothespin Doll Challenge and Swap

White Elephant Sale Swap

The Collector's Swap

May Basket Swap

Hittygirl's Rolling~Heads Swap!

It's a Spoil your Bitty Blow-out Swap!

4th Annual Easter Swap

3rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Dress Swap

7th Annual Apron Swap with Extras

1st Ever ADVANCED Apron Swap

6th Annual Quilt Swap

Hitty's Birthday Party Swap

Hitty's Birthday Bonnet Swap

Hitty's Hand-made School Valentine's Cards Swap



Full-Sized Hitty Swap

Hitty's 4th annual Birthday Swap--Hats!

Carved Bitty Garden Fairy Swap

4th Annual Afghan for Hitty Swap

7th Annual Apron Swap

2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Swap

3rd Annual Easter Swap

4th Annual Quilt Swap

May Basket Swap

Dancing Dress Swap

Early Summer Cultural Exchange

Hitty's Suitcase Swap

4th of July 2nd Annual Picnic Swap

5th Traditional Carved Hitty Swap

3 Peanuts for Summer Swap

Hankie Dress Swap

6th 'Annual' Apron Swap

Halloween Decorations Swap

Hitty's Button Swap

3 Peanuts for Fall Swap

Thanksgiving Food Swap

A Warm Shawl for Miss Hickory Swap

Miss Hickory's Cabin Fever Swap

2nd Annual Polymer Clay Foods Swap

Do Not Open Until Christmas--Surprise

Christmas afghan for Miss Hickory

4th Annual Card and Ornament Swap

4th Annual Stocking Swap

Christmas Tree Treeskirt Swap

Hitty's Christmas Dress Swap



Hitty's Birthday Swap

Traditional Hitty Bitty Swap

Wood for Cloth/Cloth for Wood Hitty Swap

Mixed-Media Hitty Swap

Traditional Cloth Hitty Swap

Valentine's Day Fabric Swap

4th Annual Round Robin Travel Doll For Hitty

3rd Annual One Time Travel Doll for Hitty Swap

Hitty's Tea Party in a Box Swap

Kid's ONLY Easter Basket Swap

Easter Basket Swap for Hitty

Easter Bonnet Swap

Modern Outfit for Hitty Swap

Bonnet and Shawl Swap

Plant Your Garden Swap

Carve a Full-Sized Hitty Swap

Spring Cleaning Swap

Apron Swap

Found Items Hitty Swap

Undergarments for Hitty Swap

Hitty's Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Swap

Hitty's Carrier Swap

4th Hitty's Unusual Pet Swap

Hitty's Summertime Play Swap

U-Finish ShoulderHead Swap

Halloween Costume Swap

3rd Another Unusual Pet Swap

Quaker Dress Swap

Shrink and Cut Free-for-All!

Hitty's Wardrobe in a Trunk Swap

Victorian Crazy Quilt Tree Cone

Hitty's Christmas Dress

The Night Before Christmas Swap

Card and Ornament Swap

Stocking Swap

Necklace Swap

Family Traditions Swap



2nd Annual Doll for Hitty Swap

2005 St. Patrick's Day Swap

2nd Pet for Hitty Swap

2005 Wood Bitty Hitty Swap

2005 Round Robin Outfit Swap

Spring/Easter One Dress Swap

Hitty's Cape Swap

Travel Bag Swap

Cloth Hitty Swap

Old-Fashioned Bathing Suit Swap

Hitty Pin Swap

Spoil Your Bitty Hitty Swap

Apron Swap

Crocheted/Knitted Blanket Swap

Poncho Swap

Friend for Hitty Swap

Tiny Doll Buttons Swap

Let's Go Camping! Swap

Basket of Goodies Swap

Homemade Buttons Swap

Picnic Swap

Fabric Swap

Summer Frock Swap

Carpetbag Swap

Writing Swap

Candy Swap

Hitty's Halloween Costume Swap

Holiday Afghan Swap

Apron Swap (Sept.)

Blanket and Pillow Swap

Boyfriend for Hitty Swap

Back to School Swap

Holiday Nighty and Goodies Swap

Winter Nighty or PJ AND Robe Swap

Winter Coat Swap

Holiday Potluck Dessert Swap

Christmas Card and Ornaments Swap

Stocking Swap

Christmas Cards Only Swap

Winter Holiday Frock Swap



Cloth Hitty Exchange

Carved Wooden Hitty Exchange

Unmentionables Swap

Cloth/Wood Hitty Exchange

Mini-Hitty + Pet Swap

Sisters/Twin Hitty Swap

Trunk Swap

Apron and Accessories Swap

Toys, Toys, Toys! Swap

Dressy Bonnet Swap


Fun Swap

Stocking and Card Swap

Carved Wooden Hitty Swap #2

Christmas PJ or Nighty Swap Pics

Quilt or Afghan Swap

Cloth Hitty Exchange 2004-5



Hat and Hatstand Swap

2003 Toy for Hitty Swap

2003 Doll's Doll for Hitty Swap

Travel Bag or Travel Wrap for Hitty

Quilt Swap

2nd Annual Christmas Exchange

Christmas Nighty Swap 2003

Pillow Swap 2003

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