Fall or Autumn Photo Challenge 2004


Here are our entries for the Fall or Halloween Hittygirls Photo Challenge.

1. A visit to an Antique Shop
Doorprize winner of a dress and Sampler from Sylvia

2. Hitty-Ann Grace
Doorprize winner of a little doll from Robin B.

3. Decorating for Halloween
Hitty-Sue and Magnolia Grace help Josefina decorate for Halloween.
Doorprize winner of Shawl and Purse from Georgeanne

4. Leavenworth Hittys Enjoying Fall 1

5. Leavenworth Hittys Enjoying Fall 2
Doorprize winner of an afghan from Michelle

6. Happy Halloween!
Winner of a doorprize of Skateboard from Melanie.

7. Fall is in the air
Aunt Helona's road side stand

Doorprize winner of a little Bear set from Sue in Maine

8. Aunt Helona waiting
Hitty Helona sells her pies and extra produce for pin money.

9. Hope's Fall Favorites

10. Hope up a Tree

11. Angelina-made by Barb Price

Doorprize winner of a little doll from Margie.

12. Angelina showing off her curl

13. Hope Bobbi Raikes

14. Granny Smith and Friends

15,Janby's Gaggle of Girls

16.Eggletina as a Flower

17.Big Pumpkin!

18.Hitty Rachel

Doorprize winner of a skateboard from Melanie.

19.The Thompson Hitttys Picking Out Their Halloween Pumpkin

Winner of a doorprize of Fishing Pole from Julie

20. Hitty Ann and Hitty Louise
Hitty and Hitty Lou enjoy a day down by the river with their their little pooches Daisy and Buster

21. Halloween J

22. J-1

23. J-2

24. Yummy, ALL MINE!

25. Spooky J
Winner of a doorprize Hitty Coin from Melanie.

26. Let's Party!