The Christmas Box Exchange


Open to Hittygirls Members only.

(Just one of the
Christmas boxes provided here)

Swap sign-up begins November 1st and closes on November 15. All swaps MUST BE COMPLETED by the deadline of December 15.

The Grasshopper Hitty Club Hittys have decided to draw names this year
and exchange gifts with other Hittys. If your Hitty would like to be part of this fun,
you can sign her up for our swap! There are specific gift-box guidelines to follow,
so please read the directions before signing up.


Q. Can all of my Hittys get a name to send a gift to? I only have three Hittys.
A. No, it is limited to one Hitty per address.

Q. I'm not sure it's fair to exchange names with just one Hitty in a family. Won't the others be jealous?
A. I don't think so. HIttys are very generous with their sisters.

Q. Can I send more than one gift in the box? Sort of, to fill it up?
A. Yes, you can send several mini gifts or one big one, or whatever you want to send.

Q. Can you give me a 'for instance' on the mini gifts?
A. Maybe your Hittys want to send a goodie box, filled with many small things. Some of those things might be: a Christmas ornament (Hitty-sized, of course), a box of Christmas 'cookies', Christmas candy, books, doll, bear, bunny, hey--the sky is the limit! Or maybe she will come across the perfect Christmas Bear someplace, and decide to send just that.

Q. Can I make something like a dress?
A. If it can fit into the box.

Q. What if I send one out, but I never get one back?
A. We would never let anyone playing in a Hittygirls swap to lose out! If this ever happens, contact me, and I'll make sure your Hitty receives her gift!
















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