Hittygirls 1st Ever Yard Sale Swap


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1st Annual Yard Sale Swap.

Spring is finally upon us and it’s time to take Hitty and hit the yard sales. For this swap, you are to spend no more than $5.00 and the item(s) must be purchased at a yard sale, flea market, rummage sale, Church fair, thrift shop, Salvation Army store, etc. The trick is to get as many, or as little, interesting items that a Hitty would enjoy (under $5.00, all totaled). It can be anything from articles of clothing, little toys, a piece of furniture, little books, little figurines, and maybe an interesting pencil or two that could be used for a Borrower bed. What about a thimble for the Borrowers or a tiny spool of thread for them to use as twine? Definitely think in terms of items that a Hitty would “borrow” for your Borrower’s project. Also interesting for Hittys would be any small pieces of fabric, lace, old handkerchiefs (in good condition), maybe clay, sculpy, anything in the way of tools, whatever you think.

This is strictly a “purchase only” swap and not a “make something” swap, so all you ladies and gentlemen who don’t craft, this is a perfect swap for you. It will be a lot of fun going out to the yard sales, thrift shops, or wherever, and will be doubly fun to see what others have come up with for this swap. Just remember - $5.00 limit!!!


Linda B. to Nadine

Nadine to Linda b.

Michelle to Julie

Pauline to Elaine


Julie to Michelle

Mary to Maria


Sandy to Sherry


Elaine to Pauline


Valerie to Marcy


Kathleen to Denise


Marcy to Valerie



Elaine to Pauline


Sherry to Sandy