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No sign-ups required. Hittygirls Members Only.
Just send us your Hitty Halloween Photo by clicking the link!
We'll post it here.

All entries will be eligible for the doorprize drawing.
If you want to be included in the drawing, please add your name and address with the entry.

The photo should be Hittys in a Halloween setting--costumes? Carving pumpkins? Hayride?
Use your imagination, and show us some Hitty Halloween Fun!

Deadline: October 31st (of course)



Pauline N.


Gale L.


I think the ghost looks better over here. Let's push it over just a little more, Annie Sarah.
Dawn S.


Yvonne H.


The girls enjoy hanging out at the pumpkin patch.


Halloween...We're Ready! Some Witches and a Lion
Gale L.


Andrew T.


Edgar arrives while the girls are setting up for the Halloween Party.
Judy M.

Gita L.


Linda B.