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Mail Out Date: April 25th

"The tradition of the ancient Roman and Druid holiday of May Day has endured for centuries. It has been a celebration of spring turning into the pleasures of summer. Traditionally, a "Maypole" was the focus of the festivals. Even today the Maypole is used in the replications of old-time festivals. The Maypole is a tall pole in which ribbons are woven around by groups of dancers to make unique designs and patterns.

Gathering flowers and branches became a tradition and "bringing in the May" became a popular activity on May 1. The giving of baskets became part of the festivities later in the evolution of May Day. Today baskets are often made by little children, filled with candy or flowers and then placed on people's doorsteps or tied to the door handle, as they ring the doorbell and dash away before they are caught. You can participate in this activity yourself by making a special May Day basket or using any small basket to fill with flowers to give to a friend.

Fill a small basket with freshly gathered Spring blossoms. Tuck a small vase or something that will hold water into the bottom of the basket and fill the basket with a selection of flowers. Tie a bow or ribbon streamers onto the handle and fasten it to the door handle of a friend."--info courtesy the web site: http://basketmakers.com/topics/seasonal/mayday/frprojmaybasket.htm

Your Swap Leader is Julie Old Crow click the link with any questions, or to sign up.


What to do in this swap

Make a Hitty-sized hand-made May Basket of paper, fabric, or purchase one of the appropriate scale.
Fill it mostly with Hitty-scaled flowers. You may add Hitty-scaled candy, etc.
Keep size and scale in mind.

Links to information about May Day, and May Day Baskets

About May Day

May Day crafts

A very intricate May Basket


Michelle and Linda
Denise and Pauline
Cyndy and Becca



From Michelle to Linda


From Pauline to Denise


Denise to Pauline


Becca to Cyndy


Cyndy to Becca


Linda to Michelle