Just look and see if she is wearing one of our badges!

This is our official Hittygirls Badge Challenge.
All badge pictures and patterns entered are understood to be free to the public for personal use only.
NOTE: These badges are presented for each individual to make and wear to Hitty functions. They are not to be sold in any manner.
As moderators of Hittygirls, Sara and Julie are not making or selling these badges (except for their own personal use).

Send your picture and/or instructions by clicking here.

See our Free Badges Here.

This Challenge can't get any simpler! No deadline, free badges for you to make at home, and no size or material requirements!
ONLY REQUIREMENTS--It should say 'Hittygirls' on it in some place, and it should have a place to write a name, if applicable
This is a challenge--so all badges can be made and used!

  1. Create a badge of any wearable size, material, or color.
  2. Send me the picture to put up here.
  3. If it is a flat badge, just send the picture. But if you made a badge that requires a pattern or instructions, that must be included too.
  4. Print out your flat badge on good paper, and glue a pin on the back. Wear it proudly to all of your Hitty activities.
  5. If the pin you like has a pattern or instructions, print them out and make your pin. Wear it proudly to all of your Hitty activities!

How to Make the Printable Badges

  1. Right-click and save the badge you like to your computer.
  2. Use top-grade paper. A nice matte or low-gloss photo paper works the best.
  3. Print out the badge, and cut it out very carefully.
  4. Write your name in the space.
  5. Cover the badge with laminating paper (OK, I really just use that wide, heavy packing tape on little stuff!)
  6. Optional, but useful--glue the badge to a flat piece of thin craft wood.
  7. Glue a pin to the back.
  8. OR--paper-punch two holes in it, and wear it on a string.

Some Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Want some free graphics to play with?
Just right-click and save to your computer. Got one to add to our 'pool'?
Send it here!

This is a silhouette of Hitty June

The paper on the book.


An Ash Tree


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