Hittygirls Movie/Book Character Photo Challenge

Dress You Hitty, Bitty, or Bitty Boy as a Movie or Book Character!

Every entry is one 'ticket' to win a doorprize~!
You keep the costume you make--just send us the photo.

Challenge begins now and ends on June 30th.


Need ideas?
Nursery Rhymes
Fictional Characters
Children's Books
Cartoon characters


Hitty Cleopatra with her Figs and Asp-


"Scarlet" from "Gone With
The Wind"--

"Play it again, Sam".--Diane
casablanca staring uncle dr steve parker as 'rick' the cafe owner,
and captain aries aka manly gator star's as sam, the very talented piano player.

Our newest Bonsai family member, Hitty Carrick, is anxious to become
active in Hittygirls, so she researched characters with red hair for the
Character Challenge. See what she came up with. She even put in contact
lenses to copy Little Orphan Annie.
---Ann S.