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Jan F, you will swap with Sophia P

Holly K, you will swap with Laurel P

Donna Marie E, you will swap with Satchel P.

Your Swap Leaders are Laurel, Sophia and the Calder Ridge Hittys .
Contact them with questions.


Family Traditions Hitty Swap

When signups close I will send you your partner's name. Please note
that I will be out of town Thanksgiving week, so may not be able to respond
to questions or acknowledge signups until I get back. I will make sure to
get back to you asap however.

Have you got a Holiday tradition in your family or Hitty family that no one
else you know does? I bet you do!

We once had a Christmas party where we asked each guest to bring a food that
reminded them of the holidays (not just Christmas, but any). Little did we
know how many truly unusual traditions our friends had! Among the most
memorable foods brought were a Kings Cake (a bread filled with tiny plastic
dolls) flown in from new Orleans and a gefeltifish covered in bright green
sauce (a Hanukah tradition). But the most memorable of all was two slices of
burnt toast on a plate. That guest explained that her mother was not a cook,
but never failed to present this brave effort on Christmas morning. Of all
the delicious food that arrived, I think that forlorn plate of toast was the
biggest hit, as it got everyone laughing and sharing stories. The purpose of
this swap is to do the same!

Our own family has a house elf who works for Santa. We also have a - well -
it is a SECRET! but some lucky swapper will receive it - that we believe my
grandmother (or hers) invented around 1900. Holiday historians we've
contacted say it is one of the best they have heard of, and my family sure
thinks so.

Sophia will write up Elfis's story and send her swap partner's Hitty
everything she needs to have her own house elf, and I will write up my
Grandmother's story and send my swapper everything my partner's Hitty will
need for it. We're excited about this because we will be making them for our
Hitty's too!

For this swap, you will do the same with your family's tradition. It can be
as humble as burnt toast, or fit for a king. It can involve food, toys,
games, or anything else memorable about your family's holidays so long as it
is in keeping with Hittygirl's list rules. In other words, it cannot include
Uncle Clifford having too much holiday cheer and falling in the fireplace,
nor faith based observances. However, that does not exclude fun traditions
associated with religious holidays, such as dreidel games, reindeer games,
yule games, Kuumba games, etc.

If you do not have a tradition that you think will translate well, but you'd
like to join in the fun, you have a second option, which is to research
historical traditions and make something based on them. In researching for
this swap, I discovered that Kuumba is the day of creativity for Kwaanza.
One of the things people traditionally do on Kuumba is making a family tree.
Wouldn't that be fun for Hitty!

Laurel, Sophia and the Calder Ridge Hittys

From Satchel to D'Marie