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Howdy from Hitty Rachel and Sylvia. I was on the way to my dance recital when my Hitty Mom decided to take my picture among the azaleas for the spring photo. See the funny rabbit, she has all sorts of little statues here and there in her garden. My Hitty Mom mentioned that Hitty Emma will be going to the Ashgrove Academy in the fall. I know she will like it because of all the animals and chores that they must all share in. Time to go now.
Hitty Rachel
Laporte, Texas


Hitty Margaret
Jan, New York


Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
from Viola and her girls, NY


Here is a photo of my first carved Hitty,Hitty Margerett. (She is named after my mom)
She has a new spring bonnet,and a basket full of Easter goodies.


Charlotte Hitty is decorating an unfinished schoolroom for
a surprise Easter party for the AGA.

Here in the Valley of the Sun, spring at our house is all about gardening - harvesting the last of the winter crops and planting the summer crops. Hitty Jane was helping with the harvesting and was having trouble getting her lemon into her wheelbarrow, so we helped. We also took a photo of her when she picked her first baby carrot!! She was very excited!!

Waiting for a Spring Sunset

I just happened to have snapped this photo of my girls outside their Hitty House--they were decorating their Easter egg tree. Their names are (left to right): Hitty Lotz Fivashteen, Hitty Brown, Hitty Sundstrom and Mehitabel D. Cote. The shy young man behind the tree is their Amish friend, Reuben.
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter holiday!
Jane and Her Hittys

This is Linda's Hitty family after an Early Easter Egg Hunt-they wanted to practice so on Easter they could find a lot of eggs.I would say they know how to find eggs, wouldn't you. Hugs, Linda

Anne's Girls get ready for Easter



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