Hittygirls Miss Hickory's Cabin Fever Swap


Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group
and have met all previous swap commitments to play.
If you are on the no-swap list due to poor swapping practices,
you will not be allowed to play. Sorry.

You must include your full name, address, telephone number, and email.
If you sign up without this info, you will not be able to play.

Please Note: We do not collect or distribute your personal information,
except to the Swap Leader and your Swap Partner.

Your Swap Leader is Elise click the link with any questions, or to sign up.


This swap is a complete your swap and then get a partner swap,
so signing up will not commit you until you are ready to swap.

Miss Hickory, having evaded Squirrel during the crucial time of the last chapter,
has a long Winter in New Hampshire before her. There will be months of being snowed in,
followed by the infamous Mud season. To give her busy mind and hands something to do,
we will be swapping something to keep her occupied. It can be the things she needs
to pursue a hobby, the supplies to complete a project, or toys to while away her time.
She could do needlework, take up weaving, make a rug or a quilt, build furniture,
take up sculpting, do crossword puzzles or Sudoku, write a new book,
plan her spring garden, or take a correspondence course!

This swap will be Miss Hickory's Cabin Fever Swap.
Should you not have a Miss Hickory to entertain,
Hitty would love to play and is always welcome to join!

Making the swap is the first part of this swap; the second part
is thanking your partner and posting a picture to share in the group's swap album.

I suggest you take a picture of your swap before you pack it to mail, just in case!

Erin to Margie

Margie to Erin

Michelle to Sue

Yvonne to Elise

Sue to Michelle