Hittygirls Unusual Pet for Hitty

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Mailed by 11/01/06.

Your Swap Leader is Michelle K. Click the link with any questions.

Debbie C & Maria B
Carol M & Gale L
Melanie S & Margie R
Pauline N & Becky V
Barbara P & Jill H
Lorinda T & Michelle K


Let's think outside the dog and cat box! Hitty wants something more exotic to play with! How about a gerbil? Parrot? Rabbit? Turtle? Python? Shark? Use your imagination! Hey--a pony!

In this swap, we would like you to send a pet, a cage (if they need it) and of course any little items like food or a water bowl they might need. No dogs or cats, this is for a different kind of pet. Please try to keep it in 'scale'--nothing too obviously large for Hitty to play with. We don't want her to be scared!

From Jill to Barbara

From Melanie to Margie R.


From Becky to Pauline


From Pauline to Becky


From Carol to Gale


From Gale to Carol