The Hittygirls 2007 Carve Something! Challenge

Pick up a chunk of wood and a carving knife, and let's see what you can carve!
It might be a Hitty, or a Friend, a Bitty, or perhaps a pet?
Whatever you feel like carving!

Submit it to Julie by clicking the link below. She will place it annonymously on this page.
Then--we'll have some fun! We'll have a 'Match the carver' challenge!


All entries will be eligible for the doorprize drawing.
If you want to be included in the drawing,
please add your name and address with the entry.

We will not put your picture in the drawing without this info
as it makes us a lot more work trying to try to track people down
once the challenge has ended.


#1--Gale L.



(only guessing on Mr. Pig)
#2--John A.


#3--Paul M.


#4 --Pat T.


#5--Carol Mos.

Match the Artist with the Entry Contest!
How to play: Send me a Private Email by clicking this link and give me the number of the entry, and the person you
think carved it. I have included a list of the carvers below, and just for fun, added a few extra names.

Can't make it too easy!


YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS. I do not maintain a database of names and addresses.

All correct entries will be tossed into a bowl and one lucky winner
will recieve a doorprize from my box of donated doorprizes!