Hittygirls Cloth Hitty Swap
It's the Original Hittys Birthday.
Celebrate with us by creating a New Hitty.

Open to Hittygirls at Yahoogroups Members only.


Sign-ups start now, and end November 25th. Hittys are to be mailed no later than January 15th,
to arrive at their new homes in time for the Original Hitty's birthday on January 22!

You will make one Hitty from fabric, and send it on to your partner.

Questions? Ask Sara Here.

Pat T.

Susan C.

Margie S.

Jill W.

Berdie C.

Josie F. and Berdie C.


Fung H.

Sylvia Y.

Margie S. and Linda B.

Nan B. (Swap Hitty left)

Sara C.

Mary Jean F.


Susan W.

Need a Pattern? We have a very basic Cloth Hitty pattern here. You can redesign this pattern to fit your needs if you want!

Please make the full-sized Hitty (Big Sis) for this swap.

Pictures will go here.

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