Planning ahead? Now available, in time for the Nov 18th movie release of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"-
The Hitty Hogwarts cape pattern!

Harry's Wand lights up the scene.

Beware the Dementor


Visiting Sirius Black in Azkaban

Hittys with a Hogwarts Teacher

Created for the Raikes sized Hitty, this pattern is very adaptable- just shorten the sleeves and cape to fit! Let your Hitty be first in your block- OR first in the movie line to have this easy to make Hogwarts cape.

Can also be made in House colors:

Gryffindor----------- Maroon and Gold
Ravenclaw----------- Light Blue and Bronze (movie was silver)
Hufflepuff----------- Yellow and Black
Slytherin------------- Green and Silver

Great for Quidditch viewing!
A stretch fabric works best!

Click to get the Pattern here.


Some Sewing Instructions:

Cut out the pattern pieces as indicated.

The hood can be cut out in two contrasting colors.

Sew the lining and hood pieces as indicated in the picture. Then sew the lining into the hood..








The cape is a complete circle. For stiff fabrics, you may want to make only 3/4 of a circle.

Cut two outer cape body pieces. Sew them together at back. Cut arm holes as indicated.

Cut two lining body pieces. Sew them together at back. Cut arm holes as indicated. NOTE: Lining is Optional. Stiffer fabrics may not do well with a lining.

Sew the lining to the outer cape piece, matching the arm holes. Do not sew the neck holes, you can use this to turn the cape right side out.




To add arms, first hem the cuff edge. Then, sew the side seams. Gather with a running stitch at the top, to fit arm hole.

Insert into arm holes and sew in.

Add Hood to cape top. Sew it to the outer cape first, and then fold the lining over this seam and baste into place.


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