Does Your Hitty Have a Job?

We want to see it!

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Welcome to Hittygirls' Hitty Photo Challenge. 
This Challenge is open to members of discussion group only (including moderators).
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  1. Take a picture of your Hitty doing her job, and make sure to label it with her name.
  2. Send it via email to Julie at Hittygirls Headquarters. Or you can send it via snailmail and we can scan it. Make sure that you keep your copy until the contest has ended. (Ask for an address here, if snailmailing.)
  3. Submit only one photograph per Hitty. (Although if you have more than one Hitty with a job, feel free to submit a photo for each!) Additional photographs will be deleted.
  4. Send your name and address along with the photo (email or snailmail) to be notified for door-prize drawings--and watch the Hittygirls list for updates.
  5. Want to donate a small door-prize? (Ask for an address here.)


Click Here to See Entries and Doorprizes

    Challenge begins: NOW! 
    Challenge ends: April 15th, 2004
    (More Fun than Looking Forward to Taxes!)


If you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

  1. I can't donate a door-prize right now. Can I still win one? Yes! All entrants are eligible for a door-prize even if they didn't donate one. This is just for fun!

  2. But more than one of my Hittys has a job! Can't I send pictures of each one? Yes! Go right ahead and we'll put up a picture for every Hitty who has a job. But you will only be eligible for one doorprize, regardless of the number of Hittys who work.

  3. What exactly do you mean by 'job'? For the purposes of this challenge, 'job' means a working job, chores done for allowance, a regular chore the Hittys perform, or community work.