Hittygirl's Travel Bag/Box Swap

OPEN to Hittygirls Members Only
Must have completed any previous closed swaps to play.




Throw off those coats and sweaters and pack those shorts and swim suits. Blow up the beach ball and reflate those bicycle tires. Do you have one special Hitty or a Bitty that travels across the state with you??

As summer is on the way, we will be traveling with our special girl. We will have to make them comfy and pack up their favorite toys and cloth's. But most important thing is to have them protected and not left behind at a hotel or granny's house.

We will swap a travel bag/box. Whether you sew, or use a cardboard or wooden box with a handle, It should be big enough to hold a 6 1/2inch 'Hitty', and It should have a compartment to pack up a few personal supplies. Also, for safety, it should have a name tag so you can put your swap partners name and, address on it, in case hitty/bitty decided to wonder off while your back is turned.

You should not spend more than $10.00 and you can add extras if you so wish.



Travel in style with your 'special girl'
swap mistress
Diane Barrow-Clar