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The Ash Grove Academy Halloween party.

The photo should be Hittys in a Halloween setting--costumes? Carving pumpkins? Hayride?
Use your imagination, and show us some Hitty Halloween Fun!

Deadline: October 31st (of course)

Roberta Hitty in Pumpkin costume
and Belinda Hitty in Elephant Costume.


Hitty Elisabeth Wilson and Hitty Gertrude playing
in the decorations in the doll house shop where I work.


Here are the Leavenworth Hittys having fun in their Halloween Spook House. Margie


Hitty Roberta and her friend Bonnie are taking Bitty Hitty Sue out for her first Trick Or Treat. Margie


"The Pumpkin Queen" in Hitty's tribute to the Lenci dolls.
We know of course that Lenci came long after Hitty...but that's the magic of Hitty.


Hitty Grace is wearing her new puppy dog costume and is ready to go trick or treating with some of her bear friends.
Happy Halloween from Judy and Paul


Aunt Hitty-Willow Thompson, revenge! Kathy b. sent the students a new tent
and the rRaikes girls grabbed it and wouldnt let anyone else in it. They said it was their 'club house'.
Diane B.C.


Hitty Hattie visits her woodland friends. Ann S



Hitty Ruth has turned her costume around and is now posing wearing her butterfly costume in the correct manner.
She doesn't know what got into her when she put it on backwards. I guess she was just playing around
and having some fun with me.
-- Trudy in Maine


"Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, when you've got these friends for escorts while trick or treating!"
-- Michelle


"Trick or Treat!"--Jan




Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!-- Barbara


The Hitty's in Maine were quite scared when Hitty Angeline posed for this photo
but then when they saw me with the camera they knew it had to be a friendly skeleton. -
-Sue from Maine


T he Bonsai Hittys in their Halloween costumes.
Hitty Dort as an Acorn, Hittie Hattie as Catwoman, JJ as The Great
Pumpkin, Bitty Bettie as Little Red Riding Hood, Pitty Pattie as Casper the
Friendly Ghost, and the Micros--Rose Red as a red rose, and Blue Belle as
a Ghost
.--Ann S.