Hittygirls 5th Annual Afghan Swap
For Miss Hickory

Don't have a Miss Hickory, but want to play anyway? You can!
Miss Hickory and Hitty are comparable in size, so join the fun
and designate one of your Hittys as a temporary Miss Hickory.

Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group
and have met all previous swap commitments to play.

You must include your full name, address, telephone number, and email.
If you sign up without this info, you will not be able to play.

Please Note: We do not collect or distribute your personal information,
except to the Swap Leader and your Swap Partner.

Skill Level for this swap: Intermediate
This means you should have some experience in the medium you choose.

This is a 'finish the swap, get the partner on the due date' swap.
Sign up now, and when you are finished, let me know.
Date to Mail: November 30th


Trudy G. and Elaine H.

And in round robin style:
Dawn mails to Michelle
Michelle mails to Becky
Becky mails to Dawn

Your Swap Leader is Julie Old Crow click the link with any questions.

It's cold outside! Miss Hickory needs a warm afghan to snuggle under as the wind blows and the snow falls. Join us in this fun swap! The afghan can be made of light-weight yarn or embroidery floss. It should be either woven, knitted or crocheted, your choice. The afghan should measure at least 4" x 5" and can be slightly larger if that's how it turned out when you made it. ;)

Dawn to Michelle


Elaine to Trudy


Trudy to Elaine