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"I sometimes used to feel that I had entered a menagerie."


"And mud is said to be good for the complexion"


"Before I could take in what had happened, she had seized me and thrust me with all her strength into the narrow corner where the back arm and seat of the sofa all fitted together."


"........sometimes they would wash my face too."


"I begin my memoirs."



While living with Little Thankful, Hitty attended a birthday party where she was surrounded with "a china on one side and an enormous beauty of dazzling complexion on the other"...Hitty felt quite out of place and "felt their eyes regarding me with disapproval"


"Up went my feet, out went my arms, and PLOP"


"... hear Miss Annette suggest that I be dressed as a bride."
(Look by the basket--it's a real boll of cotton!)

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Picture. For fun, not
voting. :)

"I doubt if the waters of the River Nile could possible have been so muddy as those of the Mississippi."

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Picture. For fun, not
voting. :)

"Doll pincushions are all the thing," I heard her say..."


"Had my hair not been so firmly painted on my head, it would have stood on end."


"And sometimes the Mommy mouse would also wash my face."