Think Spring! Photo Challenge

In this challenge you can submit up to three pictures of your Hittys celebrating spring in any way they want--planting flowers, having a picnic, or going on vacation in a tropical setting--or however they want to celebrate! It's too cold and nasty outside right now--we need some warm thoughts of spring!

Photos should be resized before sending
and not more that 700 pixels tall/7inches.

Feel free to add a caption or description.



The Bittys are inspired by the idea of Spring! Bitty Erin is modeling her special Green dress for St. Patrick's Day,
Bitty Connie has shown off her new dress with spring flowers, and Bitty Olive has
declared herself the queen of Hawaii in her red muumuu. Hitty Guthrie and
Peg Smith are admiring the Bittys, but they don't have new dresses yet.






Hitty Tomasina and Hitty Iris Raikes have found our one lone crocus.

Wait! There are more!

(Not for Voting, Just for Fun)


Enjoying the Beach.

They took Little Bear for a walk in the park to enjoy the lovely Spring weather.





"While out on a Spring walk, Miss Hickory happens upon the perfect new home".

"Several of the girls climbed up in the apple bower in their whites, and posed for an old fashioned photo."