Second Annual Summer Fun Contest!

Welcome to Hittygirls' 2nd Annual Hitty Photo Challenge. 
This Challenge is open to members of
discussion group only (including moderators).
If you are not a member, please join before sending your submission.


  1. Take a picture of your Hitty enjoying her summer, and make sure to label it with her name.
  2. Send it via email to Julie at Hittygirls Headquarters. Or you can send it via snailmail and we can scan it. Make sure that you keep your copy until the contest has ended. (Ask for an address here, if snailmailing.)
  3. Send your name and address along with the photo (email or snailmail) to be notified for door-prize drawings--and watch the Hittygirls list for updates.
  4. Want to donate a small door-prize? (Ask for an address here.)
  5. Have Fun!!! (This is a required rule, and you can't play unless you have fun doing it. Sorry, no exceptions.)


    Challenge is Ended


If you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

  1. I can't donate a door-prize right now. Can I still win one? Yes! All entrants are eligible for a door-prize even if they didn't donate one. This is just for fun!

  2. But more than one of my Hittys has a lot of summer-type fun! Can't I send pictures of each one? Yes! Go right ahead and we'll put up a picture for every Hitty you send. But you will only be eligible for one doorprize, regardless of the number of pictures.

  3. What exactly do you mean by 'summer'? For the purposes of this challenge, summer fun means anything they do for fun in the summer, such as a 4th of July party, swimming, boating, and anything you can think of!

Oh...the days is warm the sun is out and I have two fish so far. ahhhhhhhh--

Wait a won't fit fishy!


Hitty-Sue and Hitty Kit of Northeast Maine explore the shore at Molasses Pond.
Their sisters Annabelle Lee, Magnolia Grace, and Hitty Lynn along with cousins
Hitty Ruth and Magnolia Pearl warn them of the waterfall behind them.
It was a lovely day at the lake.---
Sue G.


Hitty Delores, aka Hitty Tia Lola, relaxes with a sail at the end of the day.
Oh, the cool wind blowing around her wooden hair and echoing in her little ears! It's almost like flying!


Nothing like taking a few nature pictures, says Hitty Henrietta.--Julie Old Crow


This is Hitty Buttercup taking a relaxing stroll through the flowers.--- Michelle


Hitty enjoying herself in the summer flower garden---Karen B.


Hitty's recently arrived "younger sister" insisted her picture also be submitted.
So, here she is helping out in the strawberry garden this afternoon.---
Karen B.


Summer Boating Fun!--Pauline N.


Hitty Tracy and Charlie took the bittys on a nature walk and picnic. When the
returned from their walk, they found an uninvited guest devouring their
picnic lunch. Hitty Tracy kept the bitty girl at a safe distance, while
Charlie waved his arms furiously, trying to scare the cub away, which
didn't work. The cub seemed quite comfortable in the basket and bitty
Tommy wanted to take him home for a pet.


Hitty Clarissa (in the red and white dress) and Hitty J. Rai found these large
Van Hyning’s Cockle sea shells to make great beach chairs when
they recently visited Sanibel Island in Florida. They learned all about collecting
sea shells and the many different kinds to be found there.
--Betty L


The Hittys declined due to the extreme heat we have been experiencing.
So, Moses invites Otis to go off road critter hunting in the ATV.
There had been sightings of alligator lizards in the area, but alas not were found.
--Judy M.