Carved Wooden Hitty Swap

Open to Hittygirls Members only.

Swap begins January 15th. All swaps MUST BE COMPLETED by the deadline of March 25.
Click Here to sign up with your Name and Address or sign up on the hittygirls@yahoogroups list.

Sign-up until January 15th. You must be a Hittygirls at YahooGroups member to play.

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP--please consider that you will be responsible for carving a Hitty and sending it to your swap partner.
You will know your partner's name and email address, and will be able to correspond as you work on your projects.
Carving is not always easy, but remember--whatever you carve, you know we'll love it!

1. Carve a wooden Hitty from any pattern. You can embellish any way you like, such as painting, drawing on the face, clay, or whatever you want to do.

2. Dress the Hitty.

3. Send it to your swap partner. You will receive the name and address of your swap partner when the sign-ups are finished.

4. Send a picture of Hitty to the hittygirls list, so we can post it on this page.


Enjoying a last few days before she leaves for her new home.

Can you spot her in the Camp chaos?




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