Let's Go For A Drive! Photo Challenge

Challenge Idea courtesy Sophia P.

You can submit one or two pictures of your Hittys.

In this challenge, your Hitty is taking her driving test. Driving what?
Well--that's up to you! But the photo should feature your Hitty, something
to drive, and someone who is marking her on her abilities.

The winning photo will receive this map of the USA, plus the video camera shown
with it--to record future road trips!

Photos have to be resized before sending
and not more that 700 pixels in height/7inches.

Feel free to add a caption or description.

May 31st, 2008

I will then set up a poll on Hittygirls, and the list will vote on the winner!

Have fun!




No No Winston, you can’t take a test drive until your feet reach the pedals!

#1 Hope


Hitty Theresa took the Bittys and friend to the park for their driving test.
Hitty GW in her red car seems to have caught on quickly.

#2 Sue G.


Hitty Joy heard there was BIG money in being a heavy equipment
operator. Cousin Ida is helping her to qualify on the Road Grader.

Hitty is demonstarting how to check the air pressure, work on the
engine and drive. She hopes to save enough money for some overalls!

#3 Sherry


Hitty Joy has been taking bunny cart driving lessons. She is hoping
to visit all of her friends via bunny mobile! Today is the day of
the big final test! Cousin Ida is scoring Hitty on her bunny control
and finnesse.. When I last checked she was doing great!

(Not for voting, jsut for fun!)


Hitty Nona is giving James his magic carpet flying test. "WATCH OUT FOR THAT AIRPLANE!!!" shouts Hitty Nona.


"You passed!"

#4 Elaine H.