Hittygirls Sister/Twin Hitty Swap!

Open to Hittygirls Members only.
Must have completed all previous swaps to play.


Send by May 25th

  1. Make a set of cloth sister Hittys. Think--Big sis and Little sis, or Twins!
  2. Dress them.
  3. Send them to your swap partner.
  4. Send a picture to the hittygirls@yahoogroups.com list, so it can be posted here.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Sister/Twin HITTY FAQ

  1. Why am I making two?--because this is the Sister/Twin Swap.
  2. Do they have to be identical? --No, but if you are making twins, there should be a 'family resemblance'.
  3. Do I have to use the pattern provided below?---No, you can use ANY cloth Hitty pattern you have.
  4. Does it have to be cloth?--yes, for this swap, it needs to be cloth.
  5. If I want to make twins, which pattern should I use? Big Sis or Little Sis?---You can use either one you want, or one of your own.


If these patterns don't print out the size you need, right-click and save them to your computer, open them in a paint program or even a Word doc, and re-size. Feel free to change the patterns to suit your tastes, or use another pattern.

To use these patterns--TRACE them onto the wrong side of your body fabric. Sew on your traced line. Leave open between dots. Turn, and stuff.