Welcome to the Hitty Girls Travel Hitty Page!

Hitty Girls travel dolls are given an incredible opportunity to take the journey of a lifetime. Each doll travels around the USA and visits the home of a several Hitty Girls 'Travel Hosts.' Their journeys take many weeks or months, and encompass many adventures. And at the end of her travels, Travel Hittys choose amongst their Travel Hosts for a new home. Will YOU be her new Hitty Mom or Dad? Keep your fingers crossed!

Our first Travel Hitty, Hitty Alice, had a wonderful journey and finally arrived safe and sound to live with her new Hitty Mom, Elizabeth. To visit Hitty Alice, check out Hitty Alice's Page! As we had hoped, the Hitty Alice Travel Doll project was very successful and highly enjoyable, which means, of course, that more Hittys will have the opportunity to take that special Hitty Journey!

What Is Involved in Being One of Travel Hitty's Travel Hosts?

Xander (Nicholas Brendon) holds Hitty Marie Curious and one of NancyB's Quartet!

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