Hittygirls Travel Doll #5

Hitty Marie Curious

Hitty Marie Curious, Scientist Extraordinaire
Sent to us by TC Vollum, Carver Extraordinaire

She is named after Marie Curie. Our HMC is a dedicated scientist and Researcher in her own right,
and is anxious to see what she can discover in her Traveling Laboratory.

HMC Meets Charles.

She is a very patient Hitty.

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Hitty Marie Curious arrives in Theresa, NY, and takes her first trip to take a trip to the
Clayton Handweaving Museum and Crafts.

Nicholas Brendon (Xander) holding HMC and one of the HittyB's!

Adoring all things technical, HMC inspects the electrical system on a sewing machine, while Hitty Marilyn (left) and Hitty Perseverance (right) look on.


She admires the red ribbon securing the scissors to the sewing machine, and is considering a similar arrangement for her pliers.


A coffeepot??? It looks very space-agey to me!


Now, this is a control panel!
But not everything has to be scientific. HMC loves modern art, and is intrigued with the Museum's Display in the Gallery.
Ahh! Now, these Museum folks know how to relax their patrons.


"I could get that coil of wire for you, Hitty Marie Curious," says Hitty Marilyn.


What a cool mirror! The Hittys admire their reflections.


A nice spot for a rest, before continuing to inspect the exhibit.


Hitty Perseverance has found her favorite exhibit.

Now, someone has put a lot of time into this drawing, thinks HMC.

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