Hittygirls Travel Doll #13

Hitty Betsy Ross

Please meet Hitty Betsy Ross, donated by Sherry Staton and Kathleen Weber

Sherry made the Sculpy polymer clay head, arms, and legs, and Kathleen painted
her, made her cloth body, and dressed her.

Red, white and blue Patriotic!

Travel Hostess Roster

Jan F.
Becky V.

Sandy E.

Bobbie B.
Kathleen B.
Barb G.
Pauline N.


See her Hostess Gifts


Travel Host "Requirements"
Please read the extended version before signing up.


Previous Hosts are eligible to play, but may be placed into the bag to be picked after new names,
due to small number of participants allowed.
Each Travel Host must be a member of Hittygirls
Each Travel Host must have successfully participated in at least three swaps on Hittygirls.
Each travel Host must be a member of Hittygirls for at least six months, and have been a poster, so that we know you.
Each Travel Host must be ready to make a serious commitment.
Each Travel Host must send two items to Hittygirls Headquarters to place in the Travel Box.
Each Travel Host must e-mail hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally when you receive the box.
Each Travel Host must keep the 'voice' of the journal to Hitty Marie Curious' voice. (As if she were writing it herself.)
Each Travel Host must be prepared to mail Hitty Marie Curious via USPS Priority shipping (this can be expenisve! Consider before signing up) with insurance of .$100 within one-two weeks.
Must live in the USA.
Each Travel Host must notify hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personallywhen you mail the box out.


Each Travel Host must have fun.