Introducing....Hitty Rose~ A Hittygirls Flat Hitty

One cold winter night, Hitty Rose snuggled under her hand-stitched quilt with her tiny copy of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years resting at the end of the bed. She pushed her feet closer to her bed-warmer as she dozed off. As she slept, she dreamed of Ancestor Hitty and all of her exciting adventures. Being with one person all of her life had some privileges, but she longed to meet more people and see more places than one person could show her. 

When Hitty Rose awoke in the morning, she made a startling discovery. Her person's hardback copy of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years had fallen right off the shelf and directly on to her! She muffled and wiggled to get out from under the heavy book. As she slid out from under it, she also realized that she was flat! At first, this was a horrifying discovery. But then, she realized what a gift this accident could be for her! Now she could fit perfectly into a business size envelope! She could travel the world; or something like that. 

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Hosting Hitty Rose

Your Travel Host is Tracy R.  
Contact Tracy Here With Any Questions

Hitty Rose is looking to travel. She is a 6 1/2 inch paper doll Hitty, printed on cardstock and laminated to preserve the colors from normal handling. She fits in a business sized envelope with first class postage. Hitty Rose would like to travel light. She does not wish to accumulate any gifts for herself or to travel with gifts to her next receiving home. The idea is to keep her travel simple and affordable for everyone to play, from the ease of mailing her to the cost of her travel fees. 

What Hitty Rose would like to do is to travel to many different homes and be photographed at historical or recreational sites or events, anywhere interesting or beautiful where you live, and meet other Hittys. Whatever you do with Hitty, Hitty Rose would like to do with your Hitty family. This is a photo-sharing experience for Hitty Rose and Hittygirls. Please post your photos to the Hitty Rose album at Hittygirls, with appropriate titles and descriptions of your photos and activities, which will be transferred to a Hittygirls webpage. 

If you would like to host Hitty Rose, please sign up in the database at Hittygirls at Yahoogroups specifically for Hitty Rose. Her duration of stay at each home will be approximately 2 1/2 weeks, with one host for the first half of the month, and another host for the second half of the month. I am currently taking sign-ups through May, but she will continue to travel through the rest of 2014, or until interest wanes. Once I get her started and there is a list through the end of May, I will open the list for her summer travel. Participants may host her more than once. Please state which month, and which half of the month you would prefer, such as "February 2nd" (February 2nd half of the month), "March 1st" (March, 1st half of the month), etc. 

Please contact the next person on the list when you are ready to send her on. Please email me if you are not sure who that is. If there is ever a situation where Hitty Rose does not have a receiving home, send her back to me, and I will review the list or post a message to Hittygirls to determine where to send her next. She does not need any kind of delivery confirmation or insurance, but please let me know if you suspect that she is lost in the mail. She just may show up again.....