Hittygirls Travel Doll #7

Hitty Pearl S. Buck
Author, Activist, and Hitty
Carved and donated by Hitty artists Bruce and Fung Hicks

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More Pictures of the 'Real' Pearl S. Buck

Check out her arrival in New York State.

Hitty Pearl Picks a New Hat

Travel Hostess Gifts

Check out her Visit in Reading, MA (off site)
And a few other pictures of her are here. (off site)

Hitty Pearl S. Buck Gets Her Photo Taken with the Real Hitty!
And Is In the Display at the Stockbridge Library

See some of her souvenirs.



Hitty Pearl will be attending the "All This, and Hitty Too" Seminar
in Stockbridge in September, and will go to her first hostess after that.

~ ~ ~CLOSED to Sign Up. ~ ~ ~

Travel Host "Requirements"

Each Travel Host must be an active member of hittygirls@yahoogroups.com for at least six months. (Sorry, we had problems with new people and they spoiled it for everyone.)
Each Travel Host must be ready to make a serious commitment.
Each Travel Host must send two items to Hittygirls Headquarters to place in the Travel Box.
Each Travel Host must e-mail hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally when you receive the box.
Each Travel Host must keep the 'voice' of the journal to Hitty Marie Curious' voice. (As if she were writing it herself.)
Each Travel Host must be prepared to mail Hitty Marie Curious via USPS Priority shipping (this can be expensive! Consider before signing up) with insurance of ......$100 within one week.
Must live in the USA.
Each Travel Host must notify hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally when you mail the box out.

Our New Travel Hosts with Confirmation Delivery Numbers

Julie to Nancy: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0574

Nancy to Jan: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0543

Jan to Martha: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0550

Martha to Eileen: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0567

Eileen to Michelle: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0581

Michelle to Robin: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0635

Robin to Elise: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0598

Elise to Jane: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0611

Jane to
Anne: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0628

Anne to Laurie: 0306 0302 0002 8525 0604

Laurie to Julie: 0306 0320 0002 8525 0536

Each Travel Host must have fun.