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Hitty Clara Barton has gone to live with Lori C.!

Hitty Clara Barton
Beautifully Carved by Esther Robertson
#9 in her Series
Carved from a Judy Brown kit, body & head are basswood, legs and arms are birch.
Acrylic paint with acrylic varnish finish. The only power tool used was a dremel to sand between the thumb and hand.
Read About the Real Clara Barton by clicking her picture.
Hitty Clara Barton and her sister, #7 Hitty Marie (pictured above) attended Quilt Camp with the Busy Bee Quilters of the Ash Grove Academy.
New for this Travel Hitty--she is arriving without clothes! Perhaps each host will make her a garment--could be a dress, undergarments, hats, whatever!


Each Travel Host must have fun.