What Is Involved in Being One of Travel Hitty's Travel Hosts?

Travel Hitty's adventures are shared with our entire email list, Hitty Girls, for the enjoyment of all, and are available to everyone on our webpage. Being a travel host requires a special commitment, because everyone depends on the travel hosts to be reliable participants and to be willing to put some time into the activity.
If you're interested in more information about being a travel host, please read on!

Please note: with the cost of postage and the weight of the package, this can be an expensive game.
Please consider this before signing up.

1. You must be a member of Hitty Girls Email List, have played in at least three swaps, have been a member of Hittygirls for at least six months and have been a regular poster so we know you, and you must be ready to make a serious commitment.

2.All of the sign-up forms will be put in a box, and names will be selected at random, instead of a first come first serve basis.

3. Each selected Travel Host will make/purchase two items to the travel organizer to place in the Travel Box. The items should be smallish, and pertain in some way to the the current travel doll's theme. If you are stumped for ideas, remember, it's OK to ask others at the Hitty Girls Email List. The item can be purchased or hand made. There is a $10.00 limit on purchased items. There is no minimum. Please don't go overboard, this is just a token. We'll take pictures before Travel Hitty and her goodies go out and post it on her site!

4. Once all of the Hitty Hosts have sent in their items for the box, Travel Hitty will set up a mailing list. This list will be placed on the web page, and also placed in the Travel Box. Travel Hitty and all of the items will head for the first name on the list. We will send the box out USPS Priority shipping with a Confirmation Delivery Sticker on the box. That way, if the box gets lost,we can track Travel Hitty. (Wouldn't want her to get put in the dead letter office like the original Hitty!)

5. When Travel Hitty reaches your home, the very first thing you must do (well, after opening the box and examining every item enclosed!) is to e-mail hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally that you have received the box. This is very important, as we like to know where she is!

6. Once you have e-mailed us that she has arrived, you may take two items from the box. You don't have to replace the items.

7. Travel Hitty will be traveling with a 'virtual journal'. Each Travel Host can log in her arrival, 'take' her on an adventure, and write about it in the virtual journal. This is actually the hittygirls group, but we will take her email and place it on her web page. Please keep the 'voice' of the journal to Travel Hitty's voice. (As if she were writing it herself.) You needn't actually have an adventure with Travel Hitty (we don't expect you to get in a shipwreck or go whaling), but use your imagination. Perhaps at your home, Travel Hitty will rest up from her journey and have a tea party?

8. Do you have a digital camera? You are encouraged to take photos and place them in the correct photo album on hittygirls at yahoogrooups during her visit, and we'll put them on her web page as she travels. (This is not a requirement.) The pictures can be of Travel Hitty meeting your Hitty girls, of a special adventure she has with you, or anything you can think up. If you would like to take regular pictures with a regular camera, that's fine too! You can also host the pictures on your own site or picture hosting site, and we will link.

9. Once the journal entries have been made, the pictures taken, and the gifts picked out, pack Travel Hitty up, put USPS Priority shipping with our enclosed pre-addressed Delivery Confirmation Sticker on her package, and mail her to the next person on our list. Unfamiliar with the Delivery Confirmation Sticker? It's a green sticker provided by the Post Office. It is scanned at every stop on the way to it's destination. If you wish, you can purchase the postage online, which also will give you the delivery confirmation. You must notify hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally when you mail the box out. We ask that you do not keep the box too long. A good guideline is one to two weeks.

10. So....once Travel Hitty has made the rounds and is back in Hittygirl Headquarters, what then? We'll pull a name out of a box, and she will go to live permanently with one of her Travel Hosts! Everything she has in the box when she reaches the AGA for the last time will go with her.

Each Travel Host must have fun.


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