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Our theme for the June Travel Hitty is "Traveling Teacher". Our Hitty is named after a couragous teacher, Annie Sullivan. Annie Sullivan, best known as the teacher of Helen Keller, lived from April 14, 1866 to October 20, 1936. She was the only daughter of Irish immigrant farmers Thomas Sullivan and Alice Cloesy, and had a brother, Jimmie, who was crippled. Annie Sullivan's parents died, and she was sent to an orphanage. She lost her eyesight at an early age, but it was restored (although not perfectly) through a series of operations. She graduated as class valedictorian in 1886 from the Perkins Institute for the Blind. Ms Sullivan began teaching blind and deaf Helen Keller when Helen was seven years old. She dedicated her life to helping Helen become all she could be, despite her handicaps.


Each Travel Host must be a member of hittygirls@yahoogroups.com.
Each Travel Host must be ready to make a serious commitment.
Each Travel Host must send two items to Hittygirls Headquarters to place in the Travel Box.
Each Travel Host must e-mail hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personally when you receive the box.
Each Travel Host must keep the 'voice' of the journal to Hitty Gertrude Bell's voice. (As if she were writing it herself.)
Each Travel Host must be prepared to mail Hitty Gertrude Bell USPS Priority shipping with insurance of $100 within one week.

Each Travel Host must notify hittygirls@yahoogroups.com or me personallywhen you mail the box out.


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Hitty Annie Sullivan is a teacher, so what about items related to teaching?

Books of all kinds
Lunch pail

Teaching Outfit
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Grade Books

And anything else you want to think up!



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