Hittygirls Official Shoulderhead Hitty
The super-secret-happy-fun-time-wow-adventure-project!

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Our First Order was 118
Our Second Order was 112
Our Third Order was 46

While you can donate any time you want, the drawings will be held on Saturday, October 15th, so if you
want to be entered to win one of the prizes below, please donate before the 15th!
We will use the RNG to select a winner from our list of prizes below.
Yes, you do need to donate either a prize or to the mold purchases to be entered into the drawing.  
Even if it's the lowest amount PayPal will let you send you will be entered.

PLUS--A Grand Prize Winner will be selected from all entrants for
One of Maria W.'s turned Hitty blanks!

Grand Prize
Donated by Maria W.
Won by Gale L.

#1 Donated by Tammie C.
Won by Pauline N.

#2 Donated by Gale L.
Won by Dawn Sp.

#3 Donated by JOC
Won by Christine Sh.

#4 Donated by JOC
Won by Barb D.

#5 Donated by JOC
Phyllis Er.

#6 Donated by JOC
Won by Tammie C.

#7 Donated by JOC
Won by Dot M.

#8 Donated by JOC
Won by Ann B.

#9 Donated by JOC
Won by Janice M.

#10 Donated by JOC
Gale L.