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Are we proud and thrilled to be able to offer you close, detailed pictures of the real Hitty?
Patterns for her settle bench and desk? Two sizes of patterns for carvers? Extremely accurate measurements?
Heck Yes!


When Sally Loomis's father told her about the doll missing from the Cotton Exposition, "Sally lifted up her voice and began to sing................a song she had lately learned."
The song she was singing was "Not For Joseph" written in 1868 by Arthur Lloyd, and evidently was considered to be a bit "racy".
You can hear a bit of the tune here:Not For Joseph and also find the words to the song,

The Real Hitty-- Physical Info
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A Comprehensive List of all the Gifts Given to Hitty, in the book
Also inluded--a list of the gifts pictured but not mentioned, plus a small
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