Welcome to our presentation of Hittys in Different Mediums. We hope you enjoy the tour. As you will notice, we have added some 'categories' with the 'mediums'. We feel this will allow a better understanding of Hitty as perceived by many different people. The question we had to consider was this: if the medium is wood, does it therefore follow that ALL wooden Hittys be stuck onto the same page? Luckily, as the co-hosts of this site, we are allowed to make arbitrary decisions when the need arises, LOL. For instance, we felt that Mass-Produced Hittys (such as the Raikes) deserved a category separate from the wood category, simply because it is different from an artist-carved OOAK Hitty. On the other hand, even if an artist is prolific and carves dozens, that Hitty won't be placed on the Mass-Produced page.

We also added a category for Convention Hittys, Tiny Hittys, and one for China Hittys. Our take on this distinction is as follows: Convention Hittys (created expressly for doll conventions) are special, and different from a Hitty carved for personal use, whether it is china, fabric, porcelain, or wood. The China Hitty category is meant to fill the need for representing China dolls who were not originally created as Hitty, but were used to represent Hitty. (And also because there is a school of thought that says the original Hitty may have been carved to represent a china doll.) As for the Tiny Hitty page--tiny Hittys are just plain fun!

Even if you don't agree with our arbitrary selections, we know you will enjoy strolling through our Hittys in Different Mediums pages. The pictures are fun, informative, and often portray very unique, personal concepts of Hitty.


Polymer Clay Hitty

Sculpy Hitty

Cloth and Clay Hitty

Porcelite Perfume Hitty

Portrait Painted Hitty

Resin Hitty

Wood Hitty

Paper Hitty

Cloth Hitty Mass-Produced Hitty Convention Hitty China Hitty
Tiny Hittys Crocheted and Knitted Hitty Deer Horn and Fossilized Ivory Cloth/Wood Hitty
Wood and Clay Clothespin Hitty Pincushion Hitty Harry Wray Hittys
Hitty Makeovers, Repairs, and Redos Gail Wilson Hitty Kit ShoulderHead Hitty
Raikes Unpainted Kits
Hitty Makeovers, Repairs, and Redos 2 ShoulderHead
Faux Ivoy Raikes Unpainted Kits 2

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