Year of the Pig Challenge

pig challenge  

Challenge ends: February 19, 2019

Please direct questions to Challenge Leader:  Swap Hostess

hg.swaphostess   @   gmail.com

Year of the Pig Challenge

Lunar New Year or Spring Festival officially begins on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, 

and ends on Tuesday, February 19th with the Lantern Festival.

You can read more about it here:


Hitty Xiu Ya challenges you to take photos of your Hitty(s) celebrating the Year of the Pig

and participating in a Chinese New Year related activity or event. 

You may upload one, two or three photos into the "February Challenge Photos 2019 Album", beginning now.   

If you are interested in making props for Hitty, 

Joann Swanson has a wonderful blog post with tutorials

and printies that can be printed slightly larger for Hitty.


Tutorial for Lucky Money red envelopes:


An idea for making lanterns here:


You can see a previous challenge here:


Deadline: February 19, 2019


 Take a photo of your Hitty involved in her activity or event in an appropriate setting.

Try to make it look like Hitty is playing or working, and not merely posing for the camera.

Upload the photo(s) to the February Challenge Photos 2019 album.

Click edit to rename your image and begin the title with your first name.

Add some details about your photo in the description box.

Your name and address must be in the Swap/Challenge Database to participate.