In Which We Study 

"The Fairy Doll and Other Tales from the Dollhouse"

Written by Rumer Godden


The Fairy Doll Book Study for Hittygirls begins September 1, 2019

and ends October 27, 2019

The Book:

The Moderators are going to host a sort of “Book Study” with a bit of a difference. 

We think you’ll enjoy The Fairy Doll and other tales from the Dollhouse which, as it implies,

is a collection of doll stories written by Rumer Godden

There are seven stories in this collection – some may be familiar with Miss Happiness and Miss Flower,

from previous explorations here on Hittygirls, or perhaps you’ve encountered the story on your own. 

This tells the story of a lonely girl who is sent some small Japanese dolls, and builds a little Japanese home for them. 

This collection also include Little Plum, a sort of sequel to Miss Happiness and Miss Flower;  

The Story of Holly & Ivy, a little girl and a toy store doll encounter each other on Christmas Eve;

Candy Floss, the exciting adventures of a Fairground doll, the boy who takes care of her, the girl who steals her, and what happens to them all;

The Fairy Doll; a clumsy youngest child finds her feet with the help of the fairy doll;

 Impunity Jane, the adventures of a pocket doll; and

The Dolls' House; featuring the redoubtable Tottie Plantagenet and her family!

Many of the stories have been published on their own, so if you already have one of the books and wish to stick with that, 

or can borrow them from the library that would be fine.

The Fun:

Write to the challenge leader to say you’re game to do this project:  Challenge Leader.

or quimperhitty   at

Read the whole book or one of the stories!

Choose which ever story you like, or dabble with 2 or more stories.

Do some projects related to one of these seven stories;

tell us about your project and post photos in the designated album!

Make sure that you write us a note to tell us your picture is posted, and what it represents.

 It is important for you to tell us who you are, and all about your picture.

 It is also important for participants to comment on other people’s photos.

We won’t be discussing the stories per se in the group, but we will be having fun – 

especially if when you post pictures, you take the time to tell us what caught your attention, 

and what story you are intrigued by.  I believe that some of your Hitty friends will chime in!

Some activities are listed on the website  for The Doll's House

and Miss Happiness

from previous Book Discussions so that could be a good start to your project...

maybe you started, but didn’t finish a project related to one of these stories? Here is a chance to work on it!

Do you love sewing for Hitty? You might want to dress a Hitty as Holly in a red dress and red shoes, with green petticoats and socks, 

or as Ivy in a green dress with red socks and petticoat! 

Or Maybe Hitty wants to look like Candy Floss in a pink gauze skirt with shoes as red as cherries? 

Or do you have Hitty Kimono in your house?  Maybe Hitty wants to wear her kimono and pretend to be Miss Happiness for a while?

Do you like building for Hitty? Maybe your doll needs a Japanese house - or maybe just one room! 

Maybe you would like to show a fairground scene with a coconut shy, and Little Miss Candy Floss on her little horse!

Do you have a little Peg Doll? Does she want to be Tottie, who made the conceited Marchpane jealous because she got to meet the queen?

Do you have a music box that Candy Floss can dance to?

Or a bicycle that Impunity Jane can ride in? 

Or a tiny little baby doll that wants to be “Little Plum”...

Our Fairy Doll book event will begin on September 1st, and run for eight weeks...

if you would like to do a scene from each story that will give you a story a week, and one week at the end to wrap things up...

please contact me for any questions about this project, and please join me in the fun!