Half-Pint Hitty Dress PATTERN Challenge


Pattern for this dress?  Click Gale below.

Pattern for this dress?  Click Susan below.

Pattern for this dress?  Click Christine below.

Pattern for this dress?  Click Sara below.

In this challenge you will make clothing of any kind for the Half-pint Hitty resin.  
You will submit a picture of the pattern(s).
Also, instructions of any kind, (if needed).
Last, a picture of your HPH wearing her new clothing article.

All entries will be entered into a drawing.

Please make sure you send in all of the requirements.
Your patterns will be made available
for free on this Hittygirls web-site.

Although the challenge is closed, if you have a pattern you want linked on this page, submit it to me!
Please send Julie Old Crow your Pattern, and a picture of the HPH wearing your outfit.

 Links to Patterns

Gale L.

Susan D.

Christine B.

Sara C.