Half Pint Hitty Crochet Dress Pattern 

© 2014 Sara Cole

Made with Lizbeth size 40 tatting thread and a No. 6 /1.00 mm Clover hook.
Also needed: tiny button, needle to fit through buttonholes, needle for weaving in ends.

Chain Stitch – ch

Single Crochet – sc

Double Crochet = dc

Slip Stitch = sl st

Back Loop = BL

Skip = sk

V Stitch Shell =  work 2 dc, ch1, 2 dc in same stitch or space

*to ** = work the stitches between the *’s as many times as indicated

X = times


To Begin: 

Leaving a 12 inch thread tail, make a slip knot on your hook and ch 26 (add a few more chains if you need a larger button loop but keep track of how many extra chains you used. The 12 inch tail will be used for attaching a button)


Row 1:  Working in back bumps of chain:


Dc in 5th chain from hook to form button loop.  (if additional chains were added for larger button loop, add that number of chains to the 5 from hook. The loop needs to fit the button.)

Dc in each chain to last chain. Ch 2, sl st in last chain (counts as dc). (21 dc, not including ch5.)


Row 2: Working in unused loops of foundation chain:

Ch2, dc in 2nd chain of foundation chain. Work 2 dc in next chain and each chain across. (42 stitches in yoke row, including ch2). Turn.

 Row 3:  Working in BL only:

Ch2, sc in next 6 dc for back, *ch3, sc in next dc, ch1, sc in next dc** (4x), ch3, sc in next dc.(5 picots)

 [A] sc in next 11 dc for front.

 [B] *ch3, sc in next dc, ch1, sc in next dc** (4x), ch3, sc in next dc. (5 picots)

 [C] sc in next 5 dc for other back, sc in top of ch2. Turn.


Row 4:  Working in BL only unless noted:

Ch3, dc in next 4 sc, dc in both loops of next sc, ch2.

To form armhole, skip to [A] in previous row, dc in both loops of sc.

Dc in next 8 sc, dc in both loops of next sc, ch2.

To form second armhole, skip to [C] in previous row. Dc in both loops of sc.

Dc in next 4 sc, dc in top of chain 2. Turn.

Row 5: Working in BL only:   Ch2, sc in each dc across. Sc in top of chain 3. Turn. (26 st)


Row 6: Working in BL only:

Ch3, work dc, ch1, 2 dc in next sc, (V stitch shell made,) sk 1 st, *Work V st shell in next st, sk 1** 11 X , work 1 V stitch shell in top of ch 2. Sl st in top of ch 3 in 1st shell to join. (13 shells) Do not turn.

Work in rounds from now on. Each row will have 13 shells.

Row 7:  Ch 3. Work v-stitch shell in ch 1 space of each v-stitch shell across. Join.  

Repeat row 7 to desired length, usually 5 or more total rows for a short dress.   Cut thread, leaving a tail to weave in with a needle, and draw thread through loop to end off.


Finish by attaching a button with beginning thread tail.  Apply beeswax to the thread end to help thread a small enough needle to attach a tiny button.

These two photos are courtesy Susan Kraftcheck, who beta-tested Sara's pattern.
Thanks so much, Susan, for formatting it!