Join Our Book-A-Long!
We're doing a series of challenges designed to stimulate our creativity.
The Book-A-Long (and of course you realize the Book is Hitty: Her First Hundred Years!) is
 going to be ongoing, casual, and feel free to jump in anytime, any where.

Everything you make from these challenges is yours to keep--but that's not to say a swap might pop up any time.

You can see the complete list of Hitty's gifts by clicking here.

Our Top Five Picks
A Patchwork Quilt
Hitty's first outfit, a buff calico strewn with small red flowers, sewn by Phoebe Preble 
 A braided rug and a china dog
 Her chemise, with the name 'Hitty' in red cross-stitch, sewn by Phoebe Preble
A bonnet with rose trims