Sue's Hitty S.W.A.P. S. Swap




All items to be sent to your S.W.A.P. Partners by June 30th, 2004

This swap will center around a group of three-four (depending on sign-ups). This means you will be sending small state or country souvenirs to 3 or 4 people, and will be receiving small state or country souvenirs from 3 or 4 people.

Sign Up Here and we will assign you to a group of Hitty people who come from different states or countries, as much as possible. This is a fun way to get to know more about other Hittys, and more about other states, too! We will assign each group a number, and each group will have their own page with the swap items sent and received.

Wondering what you might be expected to send? Let's keep it simple--all items should be under $5.00 if purchased, and 'found' items would be even better. Some suggestions are listed below, and remember--you do not have to send every item on the suggestion list, and you can send something that isn't on the list!

1. Small pins, magnets, etc. with your state or country name on them. Could be in the shape of your state or the shape of an item your state or country is known for.

2. Post cards or photos of your favorite places to visit.

3. If you can find one at a yard sale or flea market cheap, a children's paperback book written by an author who is from your state or country.

4. A piece of fabric with your state flower or other item relevant to your state or country. (Maine is noted for light houses, blueberries and the pine cone and tassel so a piece of fabric with those items on it would be nice.)

5. A souvenir keychain with your state or country logo on it.

6. Sea shells or small pebbles with the name of the beach they came from.

7. A small stuffed animal that is noted for in your state or country. (Maine moose and black bears are popular. We can purchase 3 1/2" ones at our Chamber of Commerce office.)

8. Pressed flowers, bookmarks, photographs, etc.

9. Anything to do with your state or country bird, flower, song, etc.

10. A small paragraph about something for which your state or country is renowned.