Tracy R.'s Hitty's Friend Swap

Is your Hitty creativity bursting at the seams? Are you ready to think outside the box and make an unconventional Hitty?
Do you dream of Hitty with red hair or brown shoes? Then join the HittyGirls Hitty Friend Swap!

Questions? Contact Tracy by clicking here.


What to Do:
1. Make a "Hitty Friend" out of wood, cloth, or polymer clay (such as Fimo or Sculpey). Hitty's friend should be 3 ½ to 7 inches in height when completed.
2. Clothe Hitty's friend appropriately.
3. Add one accessory or toy to help describe her personality.
4. OPTIONAL: Write a brief story or paragraph about the personality, character, or significance of your Hitty friend.

Some Ideas:
Not sure where to start? Think about creating a Hitty friend that represents your regional culture, or an historical event/time period. Consider creating a character or a personality type with a specific interest, such as a painter or a gardener. Or, just use your favorite hair and eye colors, and dress her in your favorite colored clothing.

Sign Up
Sign up by April 15th by emailing Tracy in New Mexico at . Please include your name and address. Swap must be completed and mailed by Monday, May 24th.


Cloth and Clay