Kat's Hitty Round Robin

Kat, a member of Hittygirls, has asked to be allowed to sponsor a Hitty Round Robin--and we said sure! It sound like fun to us!

This will be especially fun for those who wanted to play with the Hittygirls Travel Doll, but weren't able to!



Food will be provided by the host Hittys, so your Hitty won't need to pack any!

  1. Each participant will send a Hitty doll (wood or cloth) along with a small note book for a diary or journal to a name given to them, and you will receive one to host in return.

  2. Each participant will then add something to the doll she is hosting. You can add anything such as clothes, items for her house, pictures of her visit, souvenirs, etc., it is up to you. Please keep purchased item costs under $10.00, and remember--handmade is always fun!

  3. At the next mailing date you will then send her to the same person you sent your doll to unless Kat tells you otherwise.

  4. You can join the Hitty Round Robin at any mailing date or if you choose you can end her travels, just let Kat know.

  5. Please remember that items can get lost even with the best precautions so maybe you shouldn't send your prize Hitty. Insurance on the package is always good.

  6. Please send your name, address, e-mail address and phone number here: Sign-Up for Kat's Hitty Round Robin by January 10th.

  7. The first mailing will be to send your doll by Jan. 15, and you will receive a doll.

  8. By Feb. 1 you should have your visiting Hitty on her way to the next person.

  9. The mailing dates will be the 1st and 15th of each month. Please use a Confirmation Delivery Sticker on your package. Insurance is optional, but is s really a good idea.

  10. Since you know you will be hosting a Hitty Doll, those who have limited time could collect items or make things ahead of time.

  11. You will receive only the name of the person you will be sending to and not the whole list. This way you won't be able to track your doll and know who has her--so it will be a fun surprise! Also, this way we can talk about what we're doing on the list as long as we don't say who's doll we have.

  12. I suggest your put you Hitty in a larger box than needed. You can make air pillows using zip lock bags. This secures the doll, but doesn't add weight to the package. Then, as her box fills, all that is needed is to let some of the air out of the bags. Remember you can join or end your travels at any mailing date.

Have fun!

Got a Question? Read our FAQ, and if the answer isn't there, Ask Kat.


  1. How many dolls will I be expected to host?--as many as you want to sign up for. If you want to do it once, you can. If it is so much fun you want to keep on playing, you can do that too.

  2. What if I get sick and miss the mailing deadline?--Please let Kat Know immediately!

  3. How much money should I spend?--This is going to be a fun project, so as little as possible, with a cap of $10.00. Hand made is always welcome!

  4. Who pays for the postage?--You will pay to send you Hitty to the person on your list, and then to send the Hitty you are hosting back. This way, everyone shares equally in the postage costs. Postage is not cheap, so this may be a big factor in how many times you play.

  5. Why do I have to pay extra to add the confirmation delivery sticker?--Because despite our best efforts, packages can go astray. This way, the Post Office has a record if it was delivered to the recipient.

  6. How can I find out where my Hitty is at any given time?--

  7. Why can't I ask the Moderators at Hittygirls?-- Because we aren't directly sponsoring the Hitty Round Robin, and we won't have the information.

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