Hittygirls Swap Policies
Swap Leaders and Swappers


Swap Policies for the Hittygirls Swapper

With the increased number of swaps on Hittygirls, our online Hitty Doll Club, Sara and I thought it would be a good idea to let potential swappers know what is expected of them as a swapper. You probably already know most of this stuff anyways, but it never hurts to refresh your memory.

IMPORTANT:  Swappers must add their names to the Swappers Names Database at hittygirls at yahoogroups in order to swap. 

1. Always sign up for a swap through the web page address on http://www.hittygirls.com and never through a message to the list. Because of the increased number of swaps and swappers, a sign-up sent to the list could be lost. Sending it through the right channels means your swap sign-up will be noted. Swap Leaders are not allowed to accept your sign up through the list.

2. Choose swaps that fit your skill level. Of course, it is perfectly fine to stretch your ‘wings’—and strongly encouraged. But don’t get in over your head.

3. Pick and choose your swaps. Just because there are five swaps in progress doesn’t mean you should or need to sign up for all of them. You can sign up for one or two, or more if you feel you can handle them all.

4.   We have a 'finish the swap, get a partner' way of swapping.  Always notify your Swap Leader as soon as you are finished making your swap.  You may not get a partner if you don't, as Leaders are under no obligation to track down errant swappers.

5.  If there is someone you just do not want to swap with for personal reasons, you may request the Swap Leader not assign you that person, should they also sign up.  Please do this when you sign up for the swap.

6. Pay close attention to deadlines. Mail at the deadline, to ensure timely delivery.  Contact your Swap Leader if there is a problem.  

7.  Remember that packages mailed out of or into the USA can run as late as three to four weeks!  It is not your swap partner's fault, so instead of contacting them and asking where your swap is at, contact your Swap Leader.

8. Contact your Swap Leader if there is a question. The Swap Leaders are officially running the swap for hittygirls, and their contact info will be on the swap page.

9. Contact your Swap Leader if ‘life interferes’ and you may be a bit late. We always understand that the best laid plans….etc. So, if something comes up and you will not be able to mail on time, first, let your Swap Leader know, and second, let your swap partner know, too.

10. Always make sure you have included everything the swap asked for, and you have followed the swap guidelines.   If it says "NO EXTRAS" then it really, actually MEANS "no extras".  No exceptions.

11. Have fun! The swaps we promote on Hittygirls are designed to allow maximum fun for our virtual Doll Club members. Don’t stress that your swap isn’t as good as you wanted it to be—it probably is!  Just enjoy it!

12. Always put a confirmation delivery sticker on your swaps. This way, you can prove it was sent, and the Post Office can find it.


Q. What happens if I don’t get my swap sent out on time?
A. You need to notify both your Swap Leader and your Swap Partner.

Q. What if I can’t finish the swap?
A. That's ok, you aren't assigned a partner until 1. you have finished your swap and 2. you have notified your Swap Leader.  

Q. What if I send my swap on time, but my Swap Partner doesn’t send me one?
A. Report it privately to your Swap Leader.

Q. What if my Swap Partner never acknowledges getting the swap?
A. You can contact your Swap Partner, and ask if the swap has arrived.  Or, you can contact your Swap Leader and ask him/her to inquire for you.

Good Swapping Practices
This message is in response to several emails I have received privately, concerning our swaps. Please keep these guidelines in mind when completing your next swap.

1. Respect the swap spending limit. Swap masters often cap the amount of money a swapper should spend on the swap. For instance, if the limit is five dollars, then this means you are not allowed to spend more than five dollars. Think of this as a challenge to get the most from your money, and to be creative. There is a reason for this. Many people just cannot afford to go ‘all out’ and spend extravagantly, and feel uncomfortable if their partners spend over the limit, while they do not.

2. Extras are allowed as indicated in each swap. As long as the extras included in the swap did not exceed the spending limit, they are allowed. 

3. Report Swap Arrivals. When a swapper sends out a swap, he/she is always anxious to make sure it got there on time, and that it was ‘ok’. So, when you get your swap, let the swapper know right away. You can send a message to the list if you would like, describing your gift,and showing us a picture!

4.  You need to also add a picture to the proper photo album at hittygirls at yahoogroups. It must be labeled "from--to--" on the picture, and the name of the swap. If you fail to do this, your swap will not be added to the swap page.   Even if I know who you are from your email, I will no longer add the picture unless it is labled properly.  It's always a good idea to take a picture of the swap you made before you send it, so it can be added by you to the album if your swap partner does not.

5. Ask Questions! If you do not completely understand the swap requirements, make sure you ask your Swap Leader for clarification. It is ok to ask on the list, but remember—the Swap Leader has the final say. It is their swap, and they know how they wanted it run.


Swap Policies for the Hittygirls Swap Leaderss

First, let’s define what the Swap Leader is—this is a person who has asked or been asked to run a Hittygirls' sponsored swap. This is not someone who asks to run their own private swaps. Private swaps are allowed and encouraged. They do not fall under Hittygirls policies, although they are expected to follow them. Your Hittygirls Owner and Moderators have no responsibility for private swaps. Private Swaps may be up on hittygirls.com, but are always separate from the sponsored swaps.

If you want to run one of our official swaps, then you must agree to all of the rules listed below. If you do not agree with them, you will not be considered for a Swap Leader.

1. When you ask or are asked to be a Swap Leader, you will be given the general idea for the swap. You can then formulate your ideas as to deadlines, how the swap should run, etc. These ideas will be sent to the Mods and approved. We may make no suggestions, or we may make suggestions based on our vast swap experiences. We try to keep this as fun and free as possible, and are open to suggestions and changes.

2. Always accept sign ups for a swap through the web page address on http://www.hittygirls.com and never through a message to the list. Because of the increased number of swaps and swappers, a sign-up sent to the list could be lost. Swap Leaders are not allowed to accept sign ups through the list (unless there is a good reason, such as, the swap page is not working and I am not available to fix it.). A web page will be provided for you with your contact email, or if you have a web site and wish to design your own, we will link to it.

3. Swap Leaders are responsible for questions or if there is a problem. Some swappers do not fulfill their swap obligations. Some swappers may not understand all of the swap guidelines. It is up to the Swap Leader to handle all problems or questions. You can always ask a Mod for help if a problem or question comes up and you are unsure as to what must be done.

5. If someone fails to send a swap, the Swap Leaders assume responsibility. This means that if someone fails to send their swap out, you are responsible for contacting that person and doing all you can to rectify the situation. If the person does not comply, you need to notify a Mod to place them on the Banned Swappers List. 

6. Banned Swappers List. We maintain a list of swappers who have not completed their obligations, and do not allow them to play again until they have done so. They are placed on our private Banned Swappers List. You will not be sent the banned swappers list. We will check the names.

7. When sending out the pre-deadline preliminary of Swappers to the hittygirls yahoo list, NEVER send full names or ANY contact information. Please use first name and last initial. 

8. Remember to notify your swappers that addresses can be found in the Swappers Names Database.


Question: What if someone fails to send out a swap on time, but contacts me and explains, and says it will be done within the week?
Answer: No.  This is not allowed.  No one gets a partner without being finished first.

Question: Why do I need to run the ideas past the Mods if I am the Swap Leader?
Answer: Because ultimately we are responsible for the swap. It is our list, and our swaps, and we want to make sure the level of quality remains consistent.