Recipe Card Swap for Hitty

recipe_box  recipe box

As Fall appears in golden leaves and morning mists, Hittys everywhere are feeling the urge to bake hearty breads and considering how to cater holiday gatherings of several dozen dolls plus a few visiting teddy bears. What better time to exchange favorite recipes between Hitty Doll households?

This swap is for Hitty families to share recipe cards with other Hitty families, just in time for autumnal baking and the upcoming holiday season. We’re including a free recipe box kit to keep your cards in.

To participate, make and mail the specified number of copies of your Hitty family’s best recipe on cardstock measuring 1” x 1.5” to Susan K. 

In return you’ll receive a set of assorted recipe cards plus an easy kit for a recipe box. The box includes divider cards to keep your recipes organized. We have a quick video tutorial for the fold-and-glue box, which can be customized to coordinate with your Hitty kitchen decor.

Your recipes cards should include:

Recipe Title

Your Hitty family name

Ingredients (6 ingredients was all we could fit using a Micron pen)

Brief instructions on back of card

Because the cards are quite small to fit an entire recipe on, and because it’s fun, it’s best to stick to simple or make-believe recipes, perhaps with doll sized measurements.

Recipe cards can be hand written or computer printed and folded/glued. Regardless of how you choose to make your recipe cards, all cards must measure 1” x 1.5” to fit into the box.

When you have finished your recipe card, you will sign up for the swap at: 
All correspondence about the swap should be addressed to hg.swaphostess so no messages are missed.

Sign up deadline is September 21. You will find out how many cards to make on September 22.

Send specified number of recipe cards, each measuring 1” x 1.5”, to Susan K by September 23.

We can accept a maximum of 16 participants in this swap.

When you receive your recipe cards and box kit, share a photo of your Hitty with them in the Swaps and Challenges folder.

Wizzy is your swap hostess. Susan K is your swap mailer.

Please be patient as this is a cross border swap and everyone will find that the mail takes longer than usual.

We want people to have fun with their swap, so here are a few Swap Etiquette Reminders:
We always ask everyone participating in a swap do their very best.
Please do not enter a swap if you have not produced something that you would be very happy to receive.
Please assume that a swap item you have received is the very best your partner could produce.
If you are in a swap or a challenge, it is polite to comment on other every other swap or challenge offering.

 Let’s have fun, be creative and make delicious sounding recipe cards for our Hittys!
Swap Hostess:

Can't use the link?
Send an email to hg.swaphostess  @

Must be a member of  Hittygirls at to play.

Must have your mailing information entered in the Swap Database at

This is a central swap where everyone sends copies of their recipe card to the swap mailer

and then receives a set of cards and a recipe box kit prepared by your swap hostess in return.

  Swap hostesses have a lot of swap responsibilities, so please include all required information.

The swap hostess will post updates on the Hittygirls at site before the swap deadline.  
Always check it to see if your name is there and the info is correct!