Daycap and Reticule Swap For 15th Anniversary Trunk

Kjerstins Zipporah  RobinB to Margie

Essentials for Swap Participants:

Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group.


Bonnet swap For 15th Anniversary Trunk 2016.
 Deadline May 19th, 2017.

Swap Leader : SusanK
Our chosen Hitty now has a trunk of some sort,
a museum quality dress, lovely undergarments,
a coat, a nightgown, and a blanket or quilt. 
Hitty also needs a daycap
that the lady of the house would wear during the day
 or under her bonnet for going out,
and a reticule or small purse to carry her basic necessities.
DeniseM to Kjerstin Daycap  Denise M to Kjerstin reticule Denise to Kjerstin swap
DeniseM to Kjerstin

DeniseM from Kjerstin Kjerstin to Denise M 
Kjerstin to Denise M
RobinC to Sherry Robin C to Sherry
Robin C to Sherry
Sherry to RobinC
Sherry to RobinC
Joyce to Margie  Joyce to margie
Joyce to Margie
margie to Joyce  Margie to Joyce
Margie to Joyce
Tree to Julie  Julie to Tree Julie to Tree
Tree to Julie and Julie to Tree
Pauline to SusanK  Pauline to SusanK
Pauline to SusanK
SusanK to PaulineSusanK to PaulineSusanK to pauline 
SusanK to Pauline