Bonnet Swap For 15th Anniversary Trunk 2016


Essentials for Swap Participants:

Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group.

Bonnet swap For Anniversary Trunk Signup.
Deadline May 19th, 2017.

Your Swap Leader is Pauline.

Bonnets only!  The bonnets may be fabric or mesh.  
No crocheted bonnets.

Margie to RobinB  margie to RobinB
Margie to Robin B

SusanD to Kjerstin  SusanD to Kjerstin
Susan D to Kjerstin

Julie to DeniseM  Julie to DeniseM
Julie to Denise M

Sherry to Helen  Sherry to Helen
Sherry to Helen

Leonarda to RobinC  Leonarda to RobinC
Leonarda to Robin C

Helen to Sherry  Helen to Sherry
Helen to Sherry
Pauline to Kjerstin  Kjerstin to Pauline
Pauline to Susan D and Kjerstin to Pauline

Robin to Margie   Robin to Margie
Robin B to Margie

RobinC to Leonarda  
Robin C to Leonarda