Bonnet swap For Anniversary Trunk

Essentials for Swap Participants:

Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group.

Full name, postal address, and email must be in the Swapper's database. Access to the database is through the Yahoo Groups site. Ask a moderator if you don’t know how to do this!

Keep in touch with your Swap Leader. You must let them know when you have completed your swap, or if you have to withdraw your name from the swap.  Please don't notify her on the list UNLESS you have also notified her privately.  /we ask that you notify privately as messages to the list can be late, not noticed, or come in after the date.

You are expected to tell your swap leader that you are done before the due date as swap partners are assigned on the due date. You can use the link below to notify your swap leader.

Swap Leaders are not required to chase you for information, or to include you in the swap if you have not provided it.

Keep to the Swap requirements. If it says “no extras” please do not include anything but the swap item(s).

Do your best!  We are not looking for perfection or any superhuman standard, but do swap something that you would be happy to receive.

Be Polite! Always thank your partner. No matter what you receive, remember your partner did their best (just like you did!)

Share the joy! Photograph your swap item when you receive it, and post the image to the list.

Be generous! If you have participated in the swap you should comment on the images or notifications of other people who have also participated

Thank your swap leader! It can be  hard and sometimes time-consuming to lead a swap, but it is all worth it when people let you know they’ve had fun!

Consider leading a swap!  Contact a Moderator if you have an idea for fun that the whole group can participate in.

Bonnet swap For Anniversary Trunk Signup Starts immediately.
 Please notify me when done by May 19th.
Partners to be assigned by May 20th.
Mail out by May 23rd. 

Your Swap Leader is Pauline.
Can't use the pop-up email box?  Simply email pdollfan0 @  (no spaces) with the subject line: I want to join the Bonnet swap.  

Bonnets only!  The bonnets may be fabric or mesh.  No crocheted bonnets.