Holiday Stocking Swap for Hitty

Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group.

#### You must put  your full name, address,  and email
into the Swapper's Database at Hittygirls at Yahoogroups to be included in the swap.  

If you sign up without this info, sorry, but you will not be added to the swap list until you do.

This is a 'complete the swap and get a partner on the due date' swap.
You are expected to tell your swap leader when you are finished.  
You can use the link below to notify your swap leader. 

If you forget to let the swap leader know, then you may not receive a partner.
Swap leaders have a lot of swap responsibilities, so please include all required information.

We love to see your photos--so please add your pictures to the proper swap album at yahoogroups after you get your swap.  MAKE SURE to add the to and from, so we kbnow where it came from, and who received it.
 It's always a good idea to try to take some photos before you send
your swap, just in case your partner doesn't have camera capabilities!  

Mail Promptly.  Learn how to mail here:

And remember--when you get your swap, let your partner know
 with a big Hitty Hug and a Heartfelt Thanks!

Your Swap Leader  is: Hitty Freddy and Susan K 

click the link with any questions, or to sign up.
Can't use this link? Send an email with all of your info to:

blueheron91  at  gmail dot com


Hitty Freddy is wishing for a stocking to hang by the fireplace
and thought others may be in need of one too,
so she is very excited to offer an opportunity to swap stockings.

Stocking Size: 2 1/2" tall
Stocking may be sewn, crocheted, knitted, etc. and filled with Hitty sized treats
1 or 2 small extras may be added, not required.

Please keep in mind:

1. Stocking to be 2 1/2" stuffed with items for Hitty, just like a real Christmas/holiday stocking would be.

2. 1 or 2 small extras can be included (some tiny items may not fit in stocking), but not required.

3. Must have your stocking swap finished and ready to mail before signing up.

This swap is easy to do and fun to participate in.

You can see some past stocking swap photos here for ideas: