Must be a member of Yahoo Hittygirls group
and have met all previous 'finished' swap commitments to play.
(Ongoing or current swaps of course not applicable.)

Winter Warmer Strips and Quilt Swap



#### You must put  your full name, address,  and email
into the Swapper's Database at Hittygirls at Yahoogroups to be included in the swap.  

If you sign up without telling your swap leader you are in the database, 
sorry, but you will not be added to the swap list until you do.

This is a 'complete the swap and get a partner on the due date' swap.

You are expected to tell your swap leader when you are finished.  

If you forget to let the swap leader know, then you may not receive a partner.
Swap leaders have a lot of swap responsibilities, so please include all required information.

The swap leader will make several updates on the Hittygirls at yahoogroups club list until the swap deadline.  
Always check it to see if your name is there!

We love to see your photos--so please make sure to add your pictures to the proper swap album at yahoogroups.
 It's always a good idea to try to take some photos before you send
your swap, just in case your partner doesn't have camera capabilities!  

And remember--when you get your swap, let your partner know
 with a big Hitty Hug and a Heartfelt Thanks!

Your Swap Leader  is  JOC

click the link with any questions, or to sign up.
Can't use this link? Send an email with all of your info to:

julieoldcrow at gmail dot com

No need to include return postage--Hittygirls has that covered!

I must have ALL of the strips in or on the way by February 25th

I will send out charm squares within three days of this

You have until March. 20th to let me know you are done with your charm quilt swap

You will get your partner within three days of this date.

So...what do you do?


You cut 5 strips of different Blue or White fabrics, measuring (about 21", we aren't that fussy) 21" x 1 1/2".

Think icy, winter blues and stark white prints.
These do not have to have snow or winter on them.

These fabrics should be 100% cotton, and not too thin.
Please do not use coarse, stiff, or large-weave fabrics.
Do not send silks, rayon, suede, corduroy, or other unsuitable fabrics.
You may include one solid, if desired.

DO NOT rip your fabric strips.  
Because most fabrics today are not patterned on the grain, ripping can make your strip vary in width.  
Plus--I have to trim off the thready edges, and that makes the strip smaller than it should be. I recommend using a cutting mat and rotary cutter, but of course you can use scissors if you don't have a mat/cutter.

You mail them here:

Julie DeGroat
42300 new Connecticut Rd

Theresa, NY 13691


I take each of the strips, and cut them into 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares
and if all goes right--no two will be the same!
(If all does not go right, there may be some repeats.)

I will swap out the squares so you have a generous amount to play with!


Make a Quilt to send to your Swap Partner. You may include one extra, such as a pillow, etc.

The remainder of the squares are for
you to make more quilts,
pillows, or whatever you want for your Hittys!
Even better...practice your PIf-ing!

Have fun and remember to send a picture for this page!


Becky to Helen

Helen to Becky

Ann B. to Pauline

Anne R. to Fung

Susan N. to Julie

Fung to Anne R.

Kjerstin to Leonarda

MK to???

Janice to MK

Leonarda to Kjerstin

Pauline to Ann B.